Friday, August 28, 2009


These words are beautiful. I usually took bahasa melayu for granted; never had I realized it could create an awesome poetry starting only with a few lines. Honestly I didn’t even care about poetry, never adore a beautiful writing, but apparently right now, I…unconsciously became addicted to poems. I want to read poetries; I want to learn how to write beautiful lines. Am I exaggerating if I say this sort of writings give food to my soul?

Never in my 18 years of living had I written a poem, until recently (fyi, I’m an amateur). Thanks to Dianne who obviously should hold the responsibility for introducing me to poetry reading events and after attending a few readings, I definitely fell in love with poems (even sometimes, I couldn’t understand the meaning of the poems). Seriously I’m suck at creative writing. I can write about anything but not something which requires me to make my words rhyme. It is so hard and I envy people with the ability to create another dimension of conveying their feelings in lines full of expression. This is totally out of my field which of course full of calculus, physics etc. I let myself believed that engineering student didn’t have the skill to write beautiful verses and I should stick to what I do best. Indeed, it shows how afraid I was to try something different and beyond my expertise. Besides, I never care about this stuff remember?

To my surprise (can’t believe myself of doing this – blogging about poetry? This is so not me, but people change rite?), here I am now…. Blogging on the net without realizing that lately my blog is occupied with a few short poems I wrote (2 or 3 poems are my friend’s). Hmm… looks like there’s a poet in me. *wink*

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