Friday, August 28, 2009

The, Fasting Month.

I guess that yesterday is the last day I get to go Oldtowning in broad daylight, without having to wear any disguises. At least until a month from now. And I didn't even went Oldtowning. I spent the day hanging around my Opah's house. Until my mum came by later and I took off with her. So yeah I got to know my Opah more and more with every visit. One thing I just found out is, Opah ada 11 siblings, sekian terima kasih. The first thing she said when I came to her house was "Eh kamu dah botak dah?" haha okay fine Opah, fine.

So anyways, yesterday I went out with the whole family to get some dokong, langsat and satay for sahur. My dad and his chipsmore family spirit, tiba tiba Semua kena ikut, cepat pergi tukar baju senonoh sikit. At times he just disappears. Like this morning he was all over my bedroom door knocking like Jeniffer Love Hewwit in I Know What You Did Last Summer when she was chased by that Hook-hand Guy, she went to the store and knock on the door non-stop. Kalau tak tengok lagi movie tu, pergi download. And I know my dad was not being chased by anything, bulan puasa kan hantu semua kena ikat? Then after I opened the door dia suruh mandi siap, bila dah mandi semua entah mana dia pergi. Lepas tu tiba-tiba terpikir nak update blog. So here I am dengan muka mengantuk tapi masih cool.

Honestly, its been like 3 years or more since I last bersahur on the first day of fasting, since boarding school, I never bothered to wake up for sahur. Lapar gila kot puasa tanpa sahur. But yeah, sleep is golden at those times, lagipun bangun pagi buta untuk makan MAKANAN DEWAN MAKAN TU? *facial expression as if sedang memandang zebra tengah mengawan, geli kan* Nowadays tak cukup tidur pun still boleh siapkan sepuluh set Sudoku. Sumpah.

My mum and dad gelak gila when he said "This girl is sort of the Jessica Alba of the University, I've had a crush for like a year already" Well, what made me laugh most was Eh sejak bila abah pandai nak dengar ni? Sebelum nih je hahaha dah maju abah ni (gaya mengusap janggut)

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